Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is provided by the Dissertation Boss in case if the work we delivered to you don’t fulfill the requirements that were mentioned by you. Please note that we would provide you with the refund only when your refund claim would prove to meet the criterion that is set by us. There are certain conditions according to which you could get your money back.

100% Money Refund

When we are unable to provide you the work.

The payment has been made twice due to any technical issue.

Your work is not delivered on time.

75% Money Refund

Your work is not delivered on time.

50% Money Refund

When you want to take your order back and we have started working on it and half of the deadline is remaining.

We could not provide you with the revision you have asked for.

Disputed Orders

Disputed orders could be settled easily by interacting with our team, telling them about the issues and they would try their best to solve the issues in the most effective way. While setting the disputed issue; you should be able to give valid reasons that are not vague, to support your claim. It may take some time to resolve the particular issue as our support team views all the important aspects of the order and the claim you have made. It is again reminded that you would only get your money back when our team finds your claim to be genuine.

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