9 ways to boost your academic productivity

Every student strives to achieve the best in their academic life whether it is the high school or university life. However, it’s not easy to attain the academic success. Some students work immensely hard but, fail due to lack of academic productivity.

Here are the ways to improve your academic productivity:

Know your productivity time:

Have you discovered the prime time when you’re most productive? Every person has a certain time of the day when they are more productive than the others. You must find out your time of productivity and then optimize your study schedule accordingly.

Plan the day in the night:

A quote by Winston Churchill says “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. It is true. But as a student, you must be tired of hearing the word “Plan”. Isn’t it right?

Do you aim to start your day in a productive and disciplined manner? Then, unfortunately, you have to spend 5 quick minutes to plan your next day before sleeping. Align your academic tasks in order and prioritize them. You should plan the tough assignment for the time when your productivity is at the peak. Moreover, keep in mind that you can’t concentrate on two tasks at the same time. According to a study conducted by American Psychological Association (2006), multitasking lowers your productivity by 40%. Therefore, you should apply your full focus on a single task.

Set a perfect morning routine:

Try to get up early. It is difficult to leave your cozy bed but it has the potential to increase your productivity. Now if you’re planning to open your books for studying, just stop there. Instead, head to your kitchen and get yourself a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is an imperative fuel to start your body.

Done with the breakfast? Now, you’re ready to study.

Consume healthy food:

Do you know the importance of eating healthy food? Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance. Healthy food enhances the development of cells in the brain which inevitably increases your productivity. Moreover, a balanced nutritional diet reduces stress and boosts up your confidence.

Minimize the distractions:

Want to have a glance at the Facebook newsfeed? Or just check the “new message”? Or watch the latest Sherlock episode? No! Just say a big no to all such distractions. Distractions simply kill your time, performance and productivity. Hence, eliminate all the phone calls, emails, notifications and anything that distracts you. Stand up with your task, get a cup of coffee and move to a quiet room with adequate lighting.

Do you have a garden at your place? A place with greenery is best to boost your creativity.

Develop a sense of urgency in yourself:

Martin Luther said “How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never.’” It is the best quote to tell you that never leave your task on the other day. Do it right at the moment. Or simply, don’t procrastinate.

Take breaks:

You must be happy now! It’s quite obvious that you can’t do assignments and attend classes all day at optimum productivity. After a heap of assignments, you need some rest. You should try activities that are rejuvenating and relaxing for the brain. It might be something innovative, meditation or simply listening to your favorite music. It will inevitably improve your productivity level.

Do Exercise:

How about going for a little walk or jog in the morning? It’s an excellent way to freshen your state of mind. Instead of fixing your eyes on the health blogs and television programs, it is better to get in action. It is not about spending hours on exercises, even 20 minutes will suffice.

Get plenty of sleep:

A good sleep will increase your productivity, mental performance, thinking skills, overall energy and makes your happier!

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