Editing and proofreading are effective techniques for improving grades

Editing and proofreading gives perfection to your work and it effectively improve grades as it reduces the chance of losing marks. Proofreading facilitates in many manners, one must do the process of proofreading and editing before handing in the paper to teacher. The process shows difference between a proper and improper work, proper work can lend to be praised and rewarded by means of an outstanding grade. But many of the students skip this important and critical process and due to just a little effort they lose their marks. The process of editing and proofreading is equally important to the other characteristics of writing. In actual it involves all the ideas and knowledge of the writing through which you can easily hand over your work being in a logical manner.

Things you need to know before proofreading:

Editing is the process by which you can generalize the flow of your idea and knowledge that you are using in your writing. It allows you to inspect the details referring to all the terminologies for instance, the way in which you have organize the information, the way in which you expanded the information as well as the focus of your writing is it in accordance to the question or not.

Editing gives you a chance of changing the wage and improper sentence with a well constructed one. In this process you can reorganize the data for presenting it in a good structure as a paragraph. The extra attention will result in organized, sorted and proper information. Revise and rewrite the part of your assignment that you are not satisfied with or you think it could be done more credibly.

Editing has a fact of arranging things in a better and understandable way. You can add more words in your assignment that you think can give a better and strong look to your piece of work, but keep the word limit in your mind. When you are editing your work always keep the files separate for comparing your work. Once you are done with editing and you are satisfied with your work you can surely dive into proofreading.


Proofreading is the next step towards achievement. The process includes searching to find and accurate the misapprehended errors. It also allows finding the blunders in punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling errors as well as the choice of words suiting the sentence or not.

Benefits of Proofreading:

It gives the chance of fixing the work and ending up the errors. There are many online word processors which tender to check the spells but they cannot catch the tricky mistakes and terms that are used normally like homophones. The best way of proofreading your work is to check it word by word. A misplaced word can change the meaning of the sentence so, it is better to read your work aloud to catch the error. Tackle with each small and big error and minimize the words that are not suiting with your ideas, clarity in writing is extremely important for making it understandable to the readers.

Verify your paper in accordance to the convincing knowledge. Check the sources of data is it properly cited or not, the font style must be in accordance to recommendations of the teacher and footnotes for ensuring the proper format.

Tips for proofreading:

The practical proofreading techniques for handing over a perfect assignment are:

  • After completing your work take break of 2 days, proofreading requires active and fresh mind.
  • Follow the certain style recommended by the teacher or professor.
  • Print out your work or make it in a document format, so that you can check it anywhere.
  • Mark or highlight the mistakes that you find.
  • Put something in the other lines for concentrating on the one only.
  • Review your weaknesses of writing, if you don’t know then you can ask from your teacher.

It is always better to give other’s help for proofreading. It is definitely difficult to find mistakes of your own so, can find someone who proofread it for you. For proofreading you can take help of your friends, family members or proofreading service providers.

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