How to complete your dissertation on time

Dissertation writing is a challenging task that causes the frustration for the students. The problem is the hectic schedule of the students that makes it difficult for them to complete the lengthy and tough dissertations on the time.  What you need is to prepare a proper plan before you starting your dissertation.

Get a plan

The first thing you need is to consider the time frame that is provided to you to submit your dissertation. Consider the time schedule you have proposed in the dissertation proposal; if you haven’t proposed it then plan your schedule.

Prioritize your tasks

Divide your different tasks by prioritizing them on the basis of higher and lower priorities. Mark the dissertation writing process in the higher priority tasks.

Start working

After you have a plan in your hand then without wasting your time start working on your dissertation. Begin with the introduction chapter and try to complete it within the time frame you decided.

Collect the data

Once you are done with the introduction chapter then collect the data for the literature review. Remember that literature review is very important so you are needed to work hard for that. Collect the references along the literature review and save them in another file. After getting done with the literature review, design your questionnaire if you are needed and send them to the respondents. The time in which you will get the responses start working on the methodology.

Get the feedback from your supervisor

During the dissertation writing process, make sure to get the comments from your supervisor so that you can fix them on the time. Also allocate some of the time to work on comments so that you won’t be needed to work much on the comments at the end.

Avoid the distractions

Try to work in a place where you won’t be distracted by the other things. This would allow you not to deviate from your path and you would be able to pay more attention towards your work.

Take breaks

Taking the break is necessary! Remember that the dissertation writing is a long process and you cannot complete it within a week or two weeks. Decide your working hours and take a proper break while working so that you won’t feel exhausted and on the other hand you would be working with interest that will allow to minimize the chances of mistakes.

Take help from your supervisor

In the case of any problem instead of wasting your time you should discuss the issues with your supervisor as he can help you out to resolve such issues.

Set reminders

Set reminders on your phone so that you will be reminded about the tasks that you are needed to complete.

Don’t panic, seek the possible solutions

Remember that making a fuss or panic will not be helping you out at any cost! If you are stuck at a point then take the help from your friends or the others who can guide you. You can also take the assistance from the online dissertation writing services that will be providing you with the professional help in completing a particular chapter.

Remember that all you need is an effective plan and motivation to complete your dissertation on the time. If you are determined enough then you will be finding the solution to all the problems. Remember that every problem has a solution; so get a plan first and get started!

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