Dissertation Writing – What Are the Important Parts of it?

Writing a dissertation is a difficult work. Most of the students find it very difficult when they are assigned with the task to write a dissertation. Dissertation writing is a tedious task that requires a number of skills that include the research skills along with the writing skills. There is a specific format of writing a dissertation that also contributes to the difficulty. If you are also assigned with the task of dissertation writing then, don’t worry, we are going to tell you about the important parts of the dissertation.


Abstract is an important part of dissertation writing as the reader would be going to read the abstract first. The first impression that the reader would get from your abstract should be very strong. An abstract should be concise just giving the overview to develop the interest so the person reading your dissertation is motivated to read the remaining work.


Your introduction should be clear cut to provide the main idea about your dissertation topic. The introduction should have the aims and objectives along the research questions. Aims and objectives would allow you to explain the purpose of your dissertation so that you would be able to explain about the significance of the entire work.

Literature review

Literature review gives the wider understanding about the whole work discussing the topic in a great detail. Remember that a good literature review emphasizes on the research questions and the research problems in a broader perspective that would allow the reader to develop a deep understanding about your work.


Methodology is also called as the crux of the dissertation. It should have the methods and the techniques that have been used to carry out the whole research. There are different things that are included in the methodology like the data collection method, size of the sample, research design, research philosophy, how you analyzed the data, etc.

Results and findings

In this part you are required to provide the results that you have got from your research. For the illustration of the results you could use different graphs, charts and tables so you could represent your result in an effective way. In this chapter you should discuss what have you found, so, no irrelevant things are required. You should also relate your findings with your research objectives and discuss them to support your problem statement of the research.


Your conclusion might have the things like what you have learnt from the whole dissertation and how the work could be extended in future. Basically your conclusion tells that whether your research questions have been answered properly in the previous sections or not. Always remember that you are not needed to discuss your results again so be careful while writing the conclusion of the dissertation.

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