Internet and education- how important is the internet for the education

Technology attained advancement and provided the help to the people to improve the quality of life. The Internet is very important in our lives; as it facilitates the communication, provides the entertainment and can allow promoting the education and learning. Though there are many pros and cons of using the internet but we will be discussing here that how the internet has facilitated the education. Nobody can deny the benefits that internet has provided to the education.

The Internet has allowed promoting the education in the whole world. Teachers and the lecturers can provide the free online lectures to the students of the underdeveloped countries. Many retired teachers can also give the lessons to the children through the internet.

Through the internet, different students can be provided with the extra learning material and the learning activities. Many of the colleges use the hybrid model that provides the facility of online lecture system and students are needed to attend fewer classes. They can very easily access to the online lectures every day. Students can also make the research through the internet to expand their knowledge.

For conducting the research projects; students make the use of the online libraries of their colleges where they find the access to the relevant research articles and the books. Students cannot only read these; but also they can collect the data to conduct their research.

Through the internet, teachers can very easily communicate with the students. For instance, they can give the instructions to the students related to the assignments. Also, the students can ask different questions from their teachers without visiting them. This can facilitate the students during their examinations; as during the preparation, if they find any difficulty they can simply email their teacher or leave a message for them. Their teacher will reply them as soon as it would be possible for them.

Besides the studies; students can also use the internet to educate themselves about the general things. For instance, they can get the information about the particular disease that how they can prevent themselves from such disease. They can also educate the others what they have learnt through the internet.

Students can also submit their assignments to their teacher through the internet. They can also get the feedback for their assignments and can fix them and send it back. If the students are needed to conduct their research studies then they can easily contact their supervisor via email to keep him the update about the research progress and discuss the issues through video chat if they are not able to meet.

The Internet has played an effective role in supporting the education it has provided the chances to spread the education to the other countries. Also, it provides the help to the students in preparing their assignments, preparing for the examination or to attain the information about any issue. Students should make the use of the internet for taking the help in their studies and should not waste their time on the internet.

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