Tips for writing an effective dissertation proposal

Dissertations are tough to deal and the students often get stressed out due to their dissertations. The most important thing while you are starting to write your dissertation is the time management. Remember that time management is very important as the proper time management allows dealing with your dissertation in an effective way. Here are some tips that will be helping you out to write an effective dissertation.


Collect the ideas for your topic. Write all the ideas you got from the brainstorming. Shortlist your ideas and come up with the final topic. Consider that which things you must emphasized on and what is relevant to your topic.

Read the books related to research methods

For expanding your knowledge related to the research methods consider the good books about the research methodology. This will allow you to know about the effective research methods and you will also get the guidance that which research method would be the most suitable for your work.

Discuss your ideas with your supervisor

Discuss the ideas with your supervisor and tell him about your final topic. Your supervisor will be providing you to help to bring refinement to your main idea. Also, discuss him about all the confusions you have in your mind.

Follow the instructions

Follow the instructions that are provided to you carefully. Different universities have different requirements for the research proposal. Most of the universities provide a template for the dissertation proposal having the word limit for each section. Stick to the word limit.

Write a draft

After you got the approval, start working on your draft proposal. Collect the relevant data related to your topic. Write your aims and objectives of the research. Select a proper research method. Share it with your supervisor and make the changes according to his advice.

Collect the data from authentic resources

Use the authentic sources such as the published research articles, books, news articles, annual reports and the authentic websites to collect the data.

Prepare your reference list

As you collect the data, note down the references to the sources in another document. Consider the referencing style provided by your university it could be APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA or other. Follow the referencing guidelines provided by the university.

Prepare the work schedule

In the dissertation proposal, you are needed provide a timeframe for the whole dissertation writing process. This can be given in the form of the Gantt chart. Consider the time you have and divide your time effectively. For instance, literature review, results, findings and discussion chapters are the most time taking chapters so allocate more time for these. Also, allocate the time for editing and proofreading and the changes that your supervisor might ask you to make.

Provide an effective conclusion

As you are just writing the dissertation proposal so you will not be able to predict the results here. Just conclude your proposal in an effective way.

These were some tips that could help you out to prepare an effective dissertation proposal. Try to select the topic of your interest, get it approved and start working on your dissertation proposal.

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